Speak with our motorcycle sales team in Gosford for the perfect bike for you

As well as helping to look after your bike, at Central Coast Motorcycles & Scooters we have an excellent range of new and used bikes for the general public to purchase. Speak to our motorcycle sales team to find out about over 120 bikes and scooters that we have on display at our location in Gosford. The choice is yours! Also, speak to our motorcycle sales team about our finance options such as our ultra competitive loan packages tailored to your individual needs. This is much better than dealing with the big banks; they take enough of your money anyway!

A motorcycles sales display in Gosford

Pre-owned, but well looked after

If you are thinking about purchasing a pre-owned bike from Central Coast Motorcycles & Scooters, you can rest assured knowing that every one of these beauties is thoroughly workshopped. We make sure each of these has personal approval before it gets to you. If we don't like the bike, we don't buy it or trade it.

After sales care

Having been in the business for over 40 years, the owner of Central Coast Motorcycles & Scooters is proud to put our name on every bike we sell. So you know you are going to be getting a quality bike. We also like to ensure that everyone who purchases a bike from us receives the best in after sales care, and can also provide you with an extended warranty for that added peace of mind. Visit us in Gosford to find out more.

Check Out Our Stock

So, now is the time. The selection of bikes has never been so good, the prices are reduced nicely, our lending facility will fight hard to win your business and all bikes are backed with the best accessories and workshop in the land.

So speak with the motorcycle sales team at Central Coast Motorcycles & Scooters in Gosford now and get a great deal!